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May 8

Personalized Care Comes First

When it comes to helping others and providing the best care possible, there's one aspect that rises above the rest: personalized care. But what does personalized care really mean? Well, it means catering to the needs and wants of a person and making them feel connected and included.

There are many ways to deliver personalized care. At Southbrook Retirement, we start by going the extra mile for our residents. We feel that assisted living should be much more than a room, three meals a day, and safety protocols. The home's atmosphere and how someone feels when they're here are just as important as these features. The friendliness of the staff, the environment, the people in the community are all essential factors to consider when choosing a retirement community to call home. We hope that you feel comfortable every day and enjoy having friends and family visit while making new friends along the way. We strive for our residents to feel supported and cared for in a dignified manner that encourages their independence every day.

We also know you have choices when it comes to care. There are other retirement communities to choose from when thinking about making a move to assisted living. We feel the community we've built at Southbrook Retirement is exemplary. We don't just meet standards for assisted living care; we go above and beyond them.

How do we go above and beyond for our residents? Here are just a few of the many ways we've built our community:

Personalized attention. We don't take a 'one size fits all approach.' Every one of our residents is different: from their background and lifestyle to their hobbies and preferences. We understand that not every resident wants the same out of their experience with us. We take the time to get to know each resident as an individual. Learning about their families, their lifestyle, favorite foods, games, and more. We genuinely engage with our residents to make them feel welcome and cared for because our community feels like a family, and this is our home, too!

Friendly, outgoing staff. We're selective with our hiring process. We look diligently for caring staff and those who genuinely desire to help others. Our team is diverse, but everyone has a common goal: to help our residents every day to have their best day. We also welcome feedback about our staff. Our Executive Director is always available to listen to feedback and help in any way possible to make every resident's experience better.

24/7 Care. Always having someone close by and available is important. Day or night, our staff is here to help with little details and also offer companionship. A close relationship and a watchful eye help bring peace of mind to our residents. We take happiness, safety, and well-being to heart!

Diverse activities. Our supervised activities have something for everyone. Enrichment programs and daily exercise supervised by our staff means a little something for everyone, whether you'd prefer to sit and play chess or get up and dance. Our Director of Recreation makes sure there's plenty of options (and suggestions are always welcome). And, don't forget the monthly birthday parties! After all, we love a good reason to celebrate.

If you’d like to learn more about our programs, please reach out to us for more information. 

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